Invest in Courial

Dear Investor,

As an on-demand gig-driver myself, I built Courial for on-demand gig drivers. 
Like many gig workers, I’m the child of immigrants and lifelong entrepreneurs. I’m also a two-time founder, former physicist, filmmaker and a self-taught developer and designer. But perhaps most importantly, I'm a former on-demand gig driver with over 20,000 completed gigs driving for Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Postmates, Caviar and Grub Hub, often at the same time. 
Becoming an on-demand gig driver rescued me during a very tough time in my life, but this space could be so much better. Everything I hoped for as a driver, we built into Courial. It is truly a labor of love. I wanted us to have a platform where every workday came with respect, great wages, and above all, a sense of dignity and pride in the work we do. 
My dream did not stop at building the Courial platform. I also wanted drivers to be true owners in what we are building together at Courial.
That's why we are offing this exclusive opportunity to drivers, gig workers and those who support us before we announce our crowd funding campaign via Republic.com to the world.



Remember, our Courials keep up to 80% of delivery fees and 100% of tips!

If you believe that on-demand gig drivers should be paid better and be able to do their jobs with dignity and respect and our communities should have clean air in the process, then your investment in Courial will help accelerate the transition to a prosperous, more inclusive, and cleaner world.

Come fly high with us for as little as $111.


Herb C
Founder / CEO


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